How Foodies United started and what we love the most about coming up with themes and boxes.

Lets First Start With Woodley

Hello! My name is Woodley, and I am a FOODIE. I’m not just saying that because it’s what Foodies United is all about—I really, truly love to eat. I love going to new restaurants and trying new food, and I always have. And I might be 23, but I have been doing this for quite some time. When I was in elementary school, I used to sell crayon shavings at recess. In high school, I sold snacks during lunch time. I have always had an entrepreneurial side! And if my marketing degree taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need to work in corporate America to start your own business. So when I won the NRF challenge from my college and had $5000 burning a hole in my pocket, it was the perfect opportunity for me to invest in myself and start Foodies United! Why? Because I wanted to meet other foodie women like me who were just as eager to try new foods as I was.

Some Places I've Been

New York: Carbenara

Canada: Ham & Toast W/ Poached Egg, Beets, and Peppers

New Orleans: Beignets

Lets Talk Themes

One of the things I love most about running Foodies United is coming up with themes and dreaming up how to make the boxes as fun as possible when you open them! When I come up with themes, I always try to make sure it's something everyone can participate in. That's why I will never do a theme around baking something that would need a stand mixer, because I know not everyone has one. I do my best to be inclusive and make sure there are no barriers to participation! This goes beyond just the products, though: I also think about how to get into the theme. For example, for the "tropical foodie paradise" box for May, I might not make it to the pool, but since that's the theme, I'll probably put on a swimsuit and some shades and just chill in my room while opening up the boxes live! And when I market this box, you can bet I'll be marketing it as a pool party where anyone that joins the live can have their swimsuit on and we can just talk about the product, eat, and chill.

Getting The Right Products For The Right Box

The final step of creating the perfect box for all my subscribers is getting the right products for the right box. This is the most time-consuming part, because I want to give nothing but the best for my customers. This means that after picking out a theme, I need to go through different wholesalers to find what I think would be perfect for that month's theme. So let's take "A Foodie's Day in" as an example. After deciding that I wanted to do a spa day theme as my first box, I then decided what I wanted in it. I knew I needed a face mask and candle but after that, I had no idea. So I kept searching until I found the vanilla mug cake and bath bomb, but then I wanted to do five items so that's when I came upon the radiate happiness mug and that's when I knew I had completed the spa box. Then I take a step back to make sure this would be something my subscribers would like, if so, then order it. Now it might sound simple, but I have to remember that all products have to have some connection to food otherwise it's not a foodie box!

And That's It

Foodies United is actually the first of its kind, so we really have nothing to compare it to but ourselves and the idea of subscription services as a whole. It's definitely been a learning experience, but also a lot of fun, exciting, and rewarding. It's sometimes hard to pick a theme and the items for the box while also marketing but I would not trade it for the world. If I had to narrow down the biggest accomplishment, it would be when I open our email inboxes and see an enthusiastic "Thank you so much!" from a subscriber. I love that!