Foodies United is a movement for women who love food.

Foodies United was created by Woodley, a woman who always loved to eat. As she grew up and finally came into her full foodie womanhood, she realized that there wasn't a specific group dedicated to foodie women—and that's when she decided to create Foodies United. Foodies United is a community for women who want to experience the different sides of being a foodie. We're here to help you discover new things about yourself (and your taste buds), whether you're looking for snacks or just want some Foodie goodies!

Our mission

Our mission is to spread the word about all things foodie. From food, fashion and beauty to kitchen tools, we want to be the premier destination for people who love it all. That's why we put a strong focus on providing high-quality products in our box.

Our Product

Foodies United is a gift box subscription service that is aimed towards Foodie women. We curate the perfect combination of snacks, beauty, home decor and other food-related lifestyle products for you to enjoy. Every month, we hand pick 3-5 unique items that are sure to bring some foodie flair into your kitchen and/or life. Our goal is to help you discover new products and brands that you wouldn’t have thought of before while also giving you a taste of what it would be like to live the Foodie lifestyle!